The first finished samples arrived !

Totaly curious we waited for the first finsihed samples. And the result was gorgeous.

The first embroidery swatches arrived !

We got the 3D  fading “O” embroidery

We got the 3D Odgers “O” embroidery

We got the 3D Check “O” embroidery

We got the 3D fading stripes “O” embroidery

We got the 3D with kink-embroidery Outline “O” embroidery

We got the Okapi College “O” embroidery


All that details from inside together !

Check out all the beautiful details !

Embroidery on underpeak

Woven Taping

Woven Relaunch Label

The Okapi”O” on the back of the Cap

Rubber Logo printing on Wool Fabric

Here it is ! The OKPAI relaunch 2010 insert label !

The 2nd Label Sample arrived

The second sample of the label was better but we want that Rubberprint on a Woolfabric. That means second time no luck.